Nervous to Paint Cabinets??

Does the thought of painting kitchen cabinets terrify you? It scared me too, until I discovered the magic of BB Frosch. No sanding or scraping? No Way!!!

My daughter Courtney recently moved out of state for her first job upon University graduation!! We are all so excited for her and loved helping her move and get settled in her rental home. The landlords are the most incredible people and gave Courtney permission to paint the interior whatever color she wanted, including the outdated kitchen cabinets!! Who even does that, right?

The thought of painting cabinets sounded wonderful, yet I knew it had to be done correctly or it would be a complete disaster and could potentially look worse in the end. I researched a TON and found a product that I was convinced would be the answer to getting amazing results without spending a fortune or an enormous amount of time sanding, stripping and scraping. Plus, I didn't have weeks to work on the transformation!

Here is what the cabinets and kitchen looked like when we first arrived at the house. (And yes, I know the pictures are low quality!!)

The walls were originally the exact same green as the washing machine and the cabinets were GOLD! We first painted two of the walls pink and the rest of the kitchen we painted white.

Honestly I was a bit intimidated by the thought of painting the cabinets, so I took a few deep breaths once the walls were done, followed the straight forward directions for mixing the BB Frosch powder into the paint and just went for it!! I'm not sure why I was so hesitant because this is the easiest product to use.

One of the things that drew me to this product was that it could be mixed with ANY flat paint and I didn't have to rely on particular premixed colors. Once we chose the perfect shade of white that we wanted, I followed the directions and mixed the powder and paint together, painted a couple of coats on the cabinets with at least 24 hrs of dry time between coats, then finished it all off with the wax to seal in the paint.

This was a massive transformation for such a small amount of work. This kitchen is so much brighter and happier and such a pleasant place to make meals! And, it completely suits Courtney's personality!! Seriously, how cute is this now?

I give BB Frosch a 10/10 for price, ease of use, and finished product.

If you are considering painting ANYTHING in your home, go to for tutorials, project ideas, product, and answers to other questions you may have. I am not an authority on this product by any means, I am only a very satisfied customer with a real product testimony. Go ahead, give it a try! I am convinced you'll be a believer too.

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