DIY: Design It Yourself! The Perfect Spring/Summer Dress

At the beginning of 2020 I had two main creative goals for the year;

1. Create a tablescape for each month

2. Design and sew a dress for each month

Opposition in All Things

A few weeks after I set this goal I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer but I was determined to see things through, and I'm grateful I did because designing and sewing has come to be so therapeutic for me!.

The Inspiration

I found this dress on the web and I immediately knew it would be the perfect MARCH dress. Of course I could have ordered it for about the same price as I paid for the fabric but I had already finished January and February so I had to keep up! Plus, my goal was to create and work on my designing skills.

A couple of days before my mastectomy in March, I cut out the pattern for the dress using these two pattens from my stash as my guide.



Simplicity 2444

Butterick 4985


Joann Fabrics (3 yrds)


I kept the neckline of the top but removed the seam that went under the bust so that the front bodice pieces were one piece each side vs. 2 pieces each side (as shown in picture of pattern). I wanted the sleeve to hit around my elbow so I added about 2 inches to the sleeve length. They turned out perfect.

I also added 8 inches to the length of the skirt.

The Silver Lining

I was completely unsure about when/if I would be able to finish the dress, and how it would end up fitting because I had no idea what changes my body would go through after surgery, but I knew that I was going to love this dress and it was worth finishing. It took a few weeks after my surgery to feel up to sewing but when I felt well enough I quickly found that sewing was great therapy for recovery and a great way to cope with the COVID-19 lockdown that happened the same weekend as my surgery!

Thank Heavens for having a creative outlet!! It's been my sanity!

Meeting the Queen

I am so pleased with the way the dress turned out and I LOOOOOOVE that my very own Queen Elsa surprised me at the photo shoot and INSISTED that I wore her crown! (Insert melting heart here!)

**These trees bloom near my home right around her birthday so she came to have her 3 year pictures taken! I seriously cried when I saw her running toward me with these amazing blooms in the background, the sun filtering through her freshly curled hair and her arms reached out to hug me! I am positive I caught a glimpse of heaven that day!

I am incredibly grateful for the doctors who have provided such great care for me the past few months and did such a great job putting me back together! They really are amazing!! I look forward to many more years with this beautiful little queen and many other grandbaby's that will join our family!!

The dress ended up fitting my new normal body, and I love how perfect it is for Spring, and Summer. Although let's face it, nothing can compare with this little cutie in the purple dress.

Grant came by to see Queen Elsa too but she was SO over taking pictures so he and I grabbed a moment of us in our *matching* green outfits!!

I am looking forward to sharing the other monthly dresses with you soon!!

Create a Beautiful Life,


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