This Dress is So Easy to Make, You Can Do It While the Lions Sleep!

This dress is SO simple to make you can whip one of these up in just a couple of hours. For some of you, that is your children's nap time, aka; while the Lions sleep!

Some call it cheetah print, others call it leopard. I call it my go to print for just about anything right now. I've always LOVED this print and when it started circulating the fashion world last year I was excited and embraced it fully, but was unsure if it would be a short lived fad. (Remember Chevron print?) Well, I am happy to see that this lovely animal print has been embraced by fashionistas of all sorts and I believe it's here for a while. And gratefully!

**This is me sharing my LOVE for CHEETAH PRINT

I have some pajamas in Cheetah Print (I just took a poll and the unanimous answer is that it is called Cheetah print) but they are soooooo worn out!! AKA well loved!! I haven't found a replacement for them yet so I thought I would make some. Well, when I found the perfect fabric, I found the perfect pattern too, but not for pajamas. It was this dress pattern and the vision came alive.

I am so glad I went with this because this dress is perfectly comfortable, dressy or casual depending on the shoes and accessories, and it only took a couple of hours to make. I added some length to the pattern but created side slits for easy movement, and I kept the sleeve length to hit just at the elbow. I am all about simplicity and comfort and this dress nails both! A quick trip to the tall grass for photos and I'm ready to ROAR!!!

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