Table Lamp Re-do

A seam ripper, some spray adhesive and a little decorative trim turned these lamp shades into the perfectly scaled size for this entry space make-over.

We did a mini make-over to our entry way and finding just the right lamps was a little more challenging than I anticipated. Here is the BEFORE:

Painting the red wall back to the same color as the rest of the walls really opened up the space visually. We replaced the heavy dresser with a table that is not as deep so that it wouldn't protrude so far into the landing, and is a lot more open. The feeling in this space is casual so I didn't want anything too fancy, but having a neutral palette is a must have so that I can use this area to decorate with the seasons.

I found two lamps that I loved but the scale of the shades just weren't quite right. One was too small and insignificant, the other was too big and overpowered the mirror but I loved the burlap meshing on the big shade.

I found some mid-sized lamp shades at @Home and figured that I could transfer the burlap mesh from the big lamp onto the mid-sized lamp.

The first thing I did was remove the finishing tape from the large lamp shade, then I removed the tape along the edge. Both came off quite easily.

I then used my seam ripper to carefully cut the burlap meshing along the seam of the lamp shade.

Once I had cut along the seam, I carefully pulled the entire piece of mesh right off of the lamp shade.

Using some spray adhesive, I sprayed a small section of the glue on to the mid-sized lamp shade, then pressed the meshing on and continued that all the way around the lamp shade.

Once the entire lamp shade was covered with the meshing, I trimmed the excess off of the edges.

**I took this picture before I straightened out the mesh, as you can see this is rather crooked here. The spray glue is pretty forgiving and allowed me to get things right before it completely set.**

I added some coordinating trim that I found at Joann Fabrics and used hot glue to apply it along the lamp shade edges to give it a nice finish. (I trimmed the edges that were sticking out past the trim and moved the strands of the mesh around so that everything was clean and squared up . *This picture was before I cleaned it up.*)

Now the lamps in the entry way are the correct scale for the space and the table.

The larger lamp shades had a beautiful textured linen underneath the mesh so I was able to use those in my bedroom and they are just perfect in there. I reused the finishing tape that I originally removed from this lamp shade around the edge of the top and bottom of the shade to finish it off.

Now, I've got to work on all of that dead wall space behind the bed!!! Any suggestions?

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