Buy Two for One

Wow! I know I've been MIA from my blog but I had no idea how long until I saw the last entry was dated back in January!! Well, I could provide a whole list of excuses, but instead I am going to share what I've been working on, in the form of tutorials, in an effort to inspire you to get creating!!

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite modest fashion hacks. I struggle to find clothing that is cute, affordable, and modest. Anyone else with me on this? When the hot summer days hit, the last thing I want to wear is layers! Puh-leeeze! Give me something airy and easy to wear!

Last spring I found this incredibly cute dress at TJ Maxx and I HAD to have it for my upcoming European trip!

The problem: Too short

The solution: Buy two

I understand buying two of the same items is not always a smart solution unless it's inexpensive, something you know will excite you to get dressed, and your cost per wear is minimal. What is cost per wear? Lets say you buy a fabulous pair of jeans for $100 and you wear them 100 times then your cost per wear is $1 for each time you wear it. If you know you are going to wear those jeans 2 times then your cost per wear is $50. You decide what something is worth to you when you purchase an item. For me, I knew the cost per wear of this dress was going to be very low so I bought both. Besides, at $12 each, I knew that this dress was worth the $24 it would end up costing me. AND, I had a plan for the second dress! No waste here.

I cut about 5 inches off the bottom of one of the dresses and surged the unfinished edge.

The next step was to pin the newly cut and finished piece to the existing dress. I kept the right sides both facing out and layed the new hem under the original hem. Then I top stitched right over the hem line where you can see those pins.

Here's a view from the inside.

The dress that got cut up got an even shorter trim, a new hem line, and was made into a shirt that I gave to my daughter. (Sorry no picture but you can rest assured it is CUTE!!!) We both wear our individual pieces All. The. Time!

This was one of the easiest projects and is by far one of my favorite closet staples!! The cost per wear is waaaay under $1. As for Europe, it saw a lot of this dress!

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