Plaid Flannel DIY Skirt

This comfy plaid flannel fabric would have been great made up as anything, but exposing it's raw edges and adding a gold separating zipper took it to a whole new level of chic!!

I really couldn't leave the fabric store with this mustard yellow fabric without the flannel plaid that paired perfectly with it!! Could you?

This skirt was really simple to make and only needed a few tweaks to the pattern to expose the zipper in the front rather than have and invisible zipper in the back.

Here's how to make one of your own.



Choose the pattern you want to use. I used a pencil skirt pattern from eons ago that has a line I like and is one that I have used for other skirts-- like this one here

Place the center back line of your pattern piece on the FOLD of your fabric so that the opening will be in the front of your skirt. This will give you ONE back piece instead of the usual two.

On the front piece where the fold line usually is, you will want to add 5/8 of fabric past the center front line to create a new center front line, then cut TWO front pieces. Adding the 5/8 will give you the seam allowances for the zipper and the entry point to get into your skirt.

I knew I wanted my front edge to be raw and exposed so I used the raw edge of the fabric to be my center front line.

* My pattern does not have a waist band or lining but if you want a waist band/lining you will do the same thing for the front and back pieces of the waist band/lining as you just did for the skirt pieces.



The exposure of the zipper on this skirt is intentional to the design so you will need to lay your zipper on a flat surface with the teeth facing up, then place either the left or right front piece of the skirt over top of the zipper, and make sure you have the right side of the fabric facing up as well.

Now take the raw edge of the skirt front piece and line it up with the far edge of the zipper.

**you need to determine how much seam allowance you will need at the waist line and place the top teeth of the zipper at this point. If your zipper doesn't go all the way to the bottom edge of your skirt, that is OK!!

You will not be able to see your zipper at this point so using your zipper foot as your guide, stitch the zipper in place next to the teeth, then fold the edge of the fabric back to expose the zipper and stitch the edge down to keep the fold from flipping back over into the zipper.

Repeat this process for the other side



With the center front now done you can sew the skirt front to the skirt back at the side seams with the right sides together.



For my waist band I just did a small rolled hem toward the inside of the skirt. How you finish your waist band is up to you. The zipper placement should have left a 5/8 inch allowance to finish the waist line how you wish.



For the hem of this skirt I wanted to keep the raw edge once again. I sewed a very small zigzag stitch about 1/2 inch from the bottom edge of the skirt then I pulled out all of the thread that ran parallel to that stitch line. I used my seam ripper to GENTLY pull the threads out then I pulled as much as I could with my fingers. Because this flannel is a rather loose weave it was easy to separate the threads. This technique gave a frayed edge hem to the skirt.

This may sound a little complicated with the zipper but I promise you it really is easy and is unique and provides some visual interest to the skirt!!

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