How To Create a Bishop Sleeve Top

January 7, 2019

If you love BIG SLEEVES and EASY sewing projects, then this tutorial is for you!





Sometimes I find a fabric that I just cant leave at the store and I have to create something with.  I must have dreamily gazed at this fabric on more than three separate visits to Joann but kept justifying that I didn't really need it, which I don't, however, I finally broke down and purchased it so it would quit visiting my mind and sending whispers of "create with me."

I am grateful that I listened because the finished product is fun and oh-so-comfy!  I admit that the sleeves are a tad heavy due to the weight of the fabric but I LOVE this top and am constantly receiving compliments on it.  Even my girls want a version of their own!!! So here is what I did....



I grabbed a top pattern from my stash and cut out all the pieces to make a short sleeve shirt.



Next I measured the length from the short sleeve edge to my wrist to get the length I wanted the sleeve.  





I measured the distance of the short sleeve edge from side to side, then doubled that width. 



Using the length and width measurements, I cut a rectangle piece of fabric, keeping the grainline the same direction as the top. 



With my sewing machine set at the longest stitch length, I basted a single row of stitching from one side of the rectangular piece to the other side-- 6/8 inch from the edge.  I chose this distance from the edge because it is easier to remove the basting stitch after the sleeve is gathered and attached to the short sleeve.  







Grabbing the end of the thread that came from the bobbin, I began gathering the sleeve until it was the same width of the short sleeve. I did this on both ends of the rectangular sleeve piece.  



With right sides together I pinned the top gathered edge to the bottom edge of the short sleeve then I sewed the two pieces of the sleeve together using a regular stitch length and 5/8 inch seam allowance. Next, I removed  the basting stitch. 



With the sleeve length where I wanted it, I sewed the rest of the top together so I had everything done, including the shirt hem, except the cuff for the sleeve.  Remember, the bottom edge of the sleeve was also gathered together but unfinished at this point.



Here's how I added the cuff...




I measured the circumference of my wrist and added about 1.5 inches to that measurement.  This measurement is really just a matter of comfort for how I wanted to the top to fit around my wrist.  



I then cut out a piece of fabric using the wrist measurement as the cuff width, and 5 inches down for your length. This is for a cuff that is approximately 2 inches. 





With right sides together, I stitch the sides that measures down 5 inches, trimmed the edge, then folded it in half with the wrong sides together.  








Next I slid the cuff around the gathered sleeve with right sides together until the raw edge of the cuff lined up with the raw edge of the sleeve, then I pinned it like crazy to hold it in place. 








The final step was to sew the cuff to the sleeve and remove the pins as well as removing the basting stitch from the sleeve.  








I am in love with how this turned out!!  The color, the texture and the style work in perfect harmony together!!  







I also made this great flannel skirt to go with the top which I will include the tutorial for next blog post.  It's also 

suuuuuuper easy to make!! 








Create a BEAUTIFUL Life!











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