Make EASY Christmas Pillows From A Scarf

This SIMPLE method for making a pillow covering will change the look of your room for any season!

After I got all of my Christmas decor up this year I really wanted some pillows to repeat the Christmas decor throughout the house but I couldn't find anything online that I liked. I love making different pillow covers for the seasons around my house and although I usually have great luck finding fabric to work with at Joann, this year left me wanting something I couldn't find. While browsing through Wal-Mart last week I found this scarf that was so incredibly soft, had all the right colors for my decor, and it was only $10!

Of course it looks fabulous with my red coat but I knew I would enjoy it more frequently if I turned it into pillow coverings. I was right!!

Here's how I did it...


I laid the scarf down so it was long ways going left to right, then I cut the scarf in half from the bottom to the top.


I then cut each of those pieces in half the same way so that I now had four rectangular pieces.


I put two of the pieces wrong side together and sewed a 5/8" seem around the two long sides and one short side creating a rectangular pillow case. I then repeated the process for the other two pieces.


Leaving the raw edges on the outside allowed for some "fringe" around the outside of the pillow. (Rather than turning the raw edges toward the inside.) This was easily achieved by pulling out the excess threads between the edge of the fabric and the 5/8" stitching.


I inserted my pillow form inside the case and tucked the unfinished edge into the pillow form.

This side with the opening will go on the seat of the couch/bed or wherever I decide to put it. By keeping it open like this I can easily change the case for the next season's decor.

I originally made these for my family room but look how great they are on the bed!!

For $10 I got two of the softest most perfect pillows to add to the overall atmosphere of my home this season! AND, it only took about 20 minutes! I might need to make more so I can have some on the couch AND on the bed! Time to look for some different plaid scarves!

As for the pillow with the buttons? This was made from a table runner! Stay tuned for the tutorial!

*The red pillows were made using this same tutorial but the pieces were sewn with the right sides together so that the seams are on the inside of the pillow

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