Why I Love South Carolina

2018 Has been a great year full of travel, opportunity and good health, but welcoming Tyler home in August was the highlight of my year.

Tyler had been serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in South Carolina for two years and I missed him and his hugs but saying that he left on the mission as a boy and returned as a young man is an understatement! His time and service in South Carolina has forever changed all of us for the better!

We proudly wore our South Carolina flag t-shirts to welcome him home at the airport and loved hearing his non-stop stories all the way home. Through him, we quickly fell in love with South Carolina. As a family we had planned to visit South Carolina with him once he returned back home and we had that opportunity to take a trip back there over Thanksgiving break. Now we are even more in love with that beautiful state!

We covered a lot of ground in one week trying to hit the key points in Charleston (voted America's #1 small city), Columbia, and Greenville and visiting the Village People. No, not the 1970's music group, I mean the wonderful people who loved Tyler so much during his time there and who helped raise him to become the person he is now. The people that we met were all so gracious and welcomed us with open arms. Southern hospitality is a real thing, plus we now have so many wonderful new friends!

In addition to meeting Tyler's South Carolina tribe, we visited a couple of beaches, stood at the gates of a couple of different plantation homes (next trip out we'll plan a couple of days to actually tour these), acted like chameleons on Rainbow Row in Charleston where we tried to blend into the homes, stuffed ourselves at Swig and Swine and Bojangles which I HIGHLY recommend for some fantastic southern food (sorry no pictures), visited Angel Oak Tree which covers a whole acre, shopped, went swimming, played games, made friends and strengthened the ever important FAMILY bonds!!

Pictures never seem to do justice, but in an attempt to capture some of our favorite moments, in no particular order, I give you some of the highlights of SOUTH CAROLINA!!

SOUTH CAROLINA is truly a beautiful state and is one to add to your travel bucket list. You won't regret it!!

Create a Beautiful Life!



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