The Difference a Fresh Coat of Paint and To- Scale Furniture Makes!

We have talked for years about moving my husband's office from the basement to upstairs in our home. Finally, this past summer we decided to just go for it. Our front room had been used as our piano room and a lovely "entry" room that we rarely used. Since nobody in our home REALLY plays the piano, and I would rather have my husband working upstairs by my studio (aka laundry/sewing room) than an un-played piano collecting dust, we decided to swap the two rooms.

This picture is not a great representation of the piano room before the swap but you can see the mud colored wall here and we also had a beautiful red floral couch, which sounds awful, but it really was classy. The whole room was kind of classy, but this house seems to tell me frequently that it wants to be less formal and more casual, so after four years of the walls talking to me, I decided to listen. It is all still a work in progress, but it's coming along.


After the piano movers oh so delicately placed our piano downstairs, We sold the old office furniture from the basement so that it would not be the first thing when anyone walked in the front door of the house. We got some casual grown up office furniture for our front room, painted the mud wall the same color as the other three walls, added some soft curtains and ended up with this new home office.


We love this so much better and we really love having our working spaces closer together because, well, we kinda like each other. A lot. Plus I use this desk space a ton now as well.

Once we got this space finished and loved how open and bright it felt, we immediately knew some changes needed to happen to the entry way which is directly across from the doors of this room and sort of seems like an extension of this office space.

Here is what the entry way looked like before. This picture is taken from the front room.


I loved how the red color set the area apart from the rest of the walls, but after having red walls for over a decade in two different homes, it was time for a change. I also felt like this dresser was too deep for such a narrow depth of the nook. I really wanted something that didn't protrude into our entry way so much and I wanted the area to feel more open when you walked through the front door. Additionally, I wanted it to feel compatible to the office.

After a couple coats of paint and the purchase of an entry way table that was part of our office furniture collection, we now have a beautiful open entry way which seems like an extension of the office. You can see the office reflected in the mirror in the next photo.


Here's the view looking toward the front door:

Aaaah, so much more open and bright!! Some days I think I would like to create some sort of accent on that wall where the red was, but until I have a complete brilliant stroke of inspiration on what to do there, I will enjoy changing out the decor seasonally and playing with a lot of different colors rather than anything that goes with red.

As for that old dresser?? That is a different post for a different day! Stay tuned.

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