Create a gorgeous FALLIDAY Centerpiece in under 15 minutes!

Happy November! I love this FALLIDAY season we are heading into! The Fall colors, fireplaces, blankets, snuggling, movie watching, delectable food, family gatherings, travelling, and being grateful for so many blessings. What's not to love?

I especially love decorating my home for Fall. I recently added this centerpiece to my ensemble and you can make one too, in less time than it will take me to write this blog post about it! I promise.

Here is what you will need--

-Rectangular container (I purchased my wooden one from Hobby Lobby a couple of months ago but I can't find it on their website now--insert sad face here)

-6 Foam Blocks- from the floral department

-3 Candles--I used one larger one for the middle

-Fall Garland--choose one with lots of variety to provide fullness and visual interest to your centerpiece. Mine had pinecones, pumpkins, berries and gourds on it.

-3 Fall Picks of your choice- mine are in the foreground of this photo


Place the foam bricks in the bottom of the wooden box or whatever container you decide on.

These don't need to be secured in there. They're just to prop up the garland and candles so they don't disappear into the bottom of the container.


Bend the garland strand in half and lay it on top of the foam blocks. You won't need to secure anything, just lay it right on top. You'll see a bit of foam still at this point but don't worry, it will get filled over.


Lay 2 of your Fall Picks on top of the garland, one in each direction, pointing to the outside of the container, the stems toward the middle. I used these ball things, I don't even know what to call them, I just liked the variation in foliage that they provided.

TIP***Any time you're creating an arrangement it's nice to have at least three different sizes of materials to work with. In this case, I have the small berries that were part of the garland, the Fall Picks provide the medium size, and the leaves are my large pieces. The pumpkins, gourds and pinecones add another element of texture and visual interest.

Go ahead and lay those Fall Picks on top of the garland leaving some of it hanging off the end, like this--

Let the stem of the Fall Picks rest in between the foam bricks so that they are out of the way for the next step.


Add the candles. I just set mine on top of the foam bricks.


Now is where you get to fill the arrangement in.

I took my 3rd Fall Pick and separated the different strands of balls, then I pulled them right off of the stem so that I could plug them in where I wanted them to fill negative space.

Once I had pulled them apart I just stuck the ends of the stem into the floral foam blocks randomly.

At this point you will want to spread out the items on the garland and the picks to fill the space a bit more. This stuff is rather forgiving so you can freely manipulate it to go where you want it to go. Once I was done with mine, I felt it needed just a tiny bit more green so I added some leaves from another project I had been working on.

Variety is the spice of life right? I like the way it gave it just a bit of LIFE but kept within the greens of Fall.

I love how rich and full it is and how easy it was to make.

Above all, I love filling my home with handmade projects!!!

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