Make Pillow Covers From Cloth Napkins

The following is a true story! I found these CUTEST cloth napkins in the clearance section of JCPENNEY a couple of months ago.

I located some great American Flag earrings as well, used a coupon, and paid $1.04 for both items!!!

This got me excited for SUMMER! My favorite season! The earrings will have to wait for another few weeks but these cloth napkins got put right to use.

I love changing out the pillows on my porch seasonally so I have a couple of pillow forms that I make cases for and every few years, they need replacing due to the wear and tear from the weather. My Spring/Summer pillow cases were in desperate need of refreshing. Is that what they're called, pillow cases? That seems like something you put on your bed not your front porch, unless you plan on sleeping out there, by the street, for everyone to see. Well, whatever your sleeping habits are or whatever you want to call them, we will refer to them as pillow cases for this blog post. (Cushion covers might be better, but too late, I've already made an executive decision).

The point is, my front porch needed a little TLC and I was ready for some COLOR!! When I saw these napkins, I snatched them up, ran home, (well, drove home, I don't like running much) and whipped up the cutest pillow cases. Here's how I did it.


I pinned the right sides of two napkins together and sewed around 3 sides. Because my pillow forms were 16 inches and the napkins are 18 inches, I surged the edges to make my my square right about 16 inches.

*By making the case the same dimensions as the pillow, the finished product is a nice full pillow without excess fabric hanging off the pillow*


I repeated step 1 with the other 2 napkins, then turned both cases right side out.


I applied strips of sticky back Velcro to the right side of the fabric along the open edges. Just peel and stick!


I inserted the pillow form into the case, then stuck the Velcro edges together. This hides the Velcro on the inside of the pillow and allows for easy removal of the pillow case when the season is over and it's time to switch the covers.

I love this method for decorating the porch with pillows rather than having a stack of pillows to store away throughout the year. It's way easier to just store pillow cases and it allows for a lot of mixing things up for the seasons. The possibilities are endless! Not bad for under $1, right?

Have some fun with your decor and embrace each season as it comes. Here's to a great summer!!!

Reflect Beauty,


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