You Donut Want to Miss This

Happy National Donut Day!!! Yes, it's true that June 1 is National Donut Day in the USA, but since I am in Europe right now, I'll have to settle for a yummy pastry! But you can have a yummy HOMEMADE donut by following the recipe below and watching our YouTube video!

My 10 year old nephew started a business a couple of months ago called DONUT PANIC and he makes homemade donuts once a month, employs his mom and sister to help him, and sells the donuts to his neighbors!! We had so much fun joining him a couple of weeks ago on an early Saturday morning where he taught us his art. He is such an entrepreneur, and one heck of a donut maker! We left his home with full bellies and frosting covered lips that formed huge smiles across our faces!!

You can look up Donut Panic on FaceBook to follow this cutest donut maker!!

You can also enjoy this video of donuts in the making!!!

Get the recipe here:

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