Make Your Own Wedding Dress Sash for about $25!

This cute newlywed friend of mine is having a Birthday today! I love Birthdays, and Weddings, and anytime we have reason to celebrate another person. Weddings in particular are one of my favorite celebrations because I am a huge fan of marriage, and seeing two wonderful people make sacred promises to each other fills me with joy! Weddings are the beginning of a new family unit and FAMILIES ARE ORDAINED OF GOD. This great couple are well on their way to a wonderful future together.

It's difficult to look past the love these two have for each other in these pictures, but did you happen to notice the sash on the bride's dress? I know, you had to look again right? Good, because the wedding is not really about the dress, flowers, food, venue, etc, It's about the marriage itself and these two are obviously into each other, however....This IS one of the most important day of one's life and one wants to look and feel great! And really, look at this gorgeous bride!

My friend found a sash for her gorgeous gown that cost about $200+ at the bridal store where she purchased her gown, but that price tag seemed a little steep for some bling. Enter AMAZON PRIME! For about $15 she was able to order a sash that was very similar to the aforementioned bling, and two days later had the dainty jewels in her hands! Not too long after that, they were in my hands to perform a small Fairy Godmother type of trick.

The strip of jewels was actually an applique which was attached to a ribbon which didn't really go with the dress, so I carefully peeled the applique from the ribbon and it came right off.

Flowing chiffon was more of the desired look for the sash to blend with the dress, so I cut a square piece of chiffon 54x54 inches (This was the width of the fabric) and folded it on the bias of the fabric, aka diagonally across the square. I pressed it with a cool iron, creating a nice crease down the middle which will helped with this next step. This is where it got a little tricky. I wanted the sash to taper from narrow at the end where it would attach to the applique, to its full width at the end furthest away from the applique so I had to cut the fabric to my desired shaped.

I made two identical pieces, one for each end of the applique. I then stitched the long open edge and the wide end of the tail but not the narrow end. This needed to stay open for turning right side out. My stitching took in a 5/8 inch seam. Next, the seams got trimmed close to the stitching and the sash tails were turned right side out. Another cool iron press and these tails looked amazing. I hand stitched the unfinished narrow end of the tails onto the back side of the applique and that sash was ready for the biggest event it had ever seen!!

Another quick look at the finished product.....

And this bride is ready for her HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!!

These two live my motto...


PC Lindsay Jackson, Vision Photography

#WeddingDressSash #EternalMarriage

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