What You Create Doesn't Have To Be Perfect

"What you create doesn't have to be perfect" is part of a talk that I love by Dieter F. Uchtdorf from the LDS October 2008 General Conference. You can read the entirety here


Part of the talk discusses our innate desire to create, that it is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. Uchtdorf also explains that what we create doesn't have to be perfect! I love this reminder in a day when we are drowning in a sea of portrayed perfectionism on all media sources. If we're not perfect, then there tends to be no shortage of the haters and individuals who are quick to call out our flaws. Perhaps the greatest criticism comes from the negative committee which holds far too many meetings inside our heads. I sometimes think I have the largest congregation taking up residence in my mind, and I'm working diligently to dismiss them. One of my tactics is to be real! I am a perfectionist and I only want people to see the work I have perfected. This is not working so well for me and is quite frankly, exhausting. So, in an effort to be more real, I am sharing with you what transpired with this yellow dress.

At first glance it doesn't look like there is anything wrong with the dress, right? I mean, seriously, bell sleeves, wrap front, tied waist, and YELLOW!! Well, let me share the photo that was the inspiration for this dress and the many phases it went through.

Here's the inspiration picture that I took at an airport somewhere over the last couple of years. I don't recall when and where I snapped this but I thought the dress was so cute and was sure I could recreate it.

Super cute dress!! I also imagined this in yellow and found some cute seersucker that I thought would be great for this pattern. The problem? I didn't have the pattern. BUT, I did have some pattern making skills. How hard could this be? Not really hard, it just didn't turn out quite right.

Weeeeelllll, Ummmm, not quite. My fashion consultants (aka daughters, said it looked like and apron) They were right.

Take 2! A bell sleeve dress.....

Maybe. How about a faux wrap front?

And some ruffle on the bottom?

Definitely closer! Let's add a purple wall, some beautiful tulips, red lips and fantastic floral shoes!

Now we're talking!!

What I ended up with was no where near what I had intended but I had some fun recreating and seeing the possibilities. In the end I gave this dress a 6.5/10, then I gave it to the local thrift store! But the pictures??? 10/10 to my photographer and a fabulous day for this photo shoot!!

So this dress didn't turn out how I wanted it to but I learned so much in the process and wouldn't take back a minute that I spent on it! Remember, what you create doesn't have to be perfect!!

Live Beautifully!!!


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