Flowing, not flashing!! How to close up low necklines and high slits

I seriously have THE CUTEST friends!!! I often just stop and wonder how I got so lucky to be surrounded by so many great women who uplift and inspire me all.the.time!! This cute friend had ordered this dress online but wanted a few tweaks made to it. Here's the original photo from the website.

You can see better from the IN PERSON view that the dress was really low in the front, and the leg area proved to be one of those that you would always be fighting to keep closed.

By request, the first thing I did to this dress was shorten the sleeves to elbow length. This was just a personal preference. Once I cut it to about 1/2 inch longer than desired, I did a quick rolled hem and pressed it with a warm iron. EASY!!

Next up, the task of securing the open neckline and skirt.

I pinned the dress closed where we had decided it was more comfortable,

then I used my blind hem foot to guide me right over top of the stitching that was already on the dress. This keeps it looking tidy and intentional.

I did this all the way from the new neckline down to the knee. This allows some movement but some peace of mind knowing the dress isn't going to fly away in the wind.

It's also a great idea to secure a dress like this if you have young kids climbing all over you! Mamas are human jungle gyms after all!!

This project is SOOO simple!! Any beginner could do this!!!

Now it's time to show off my cute friend!!! Seriously, she's adorable!! And that dress? I almost didn't give it back to her but it goes better with her car than mine!!!

#SurpliceDress #OrangeFloral #WrapFrontBlouse

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