Raise the neckline of a wrap, in a snap!

I really have a thing for white blouses and I've had my eye on this gorgeous wrap front blouse for quite some time now but have hesitated in ordering it because it is always shown off the shoulder, like in this picture.

I knew I could probably work with it but I wasn't quite sure how the process would work, so I just left it alone. UNTIL, my dear friend came to town and we went shopping because, well, my dear friend came to town. Need I say more? I found this blouse at Ross for about $13 and as soon as I tried it on I knew exactly what to do with it, and it was more than just pulling it up over my shoulders. Although, it didn't require much more work than that. If you have an iron and about 20 minutes, plus my easy to follow instructions, you can take this beauty from off, to on the shoulders!!


Put your shirt on with it over the shoulders! I put mine on my dress form, aka Manny, for these instructions but I could have easily done this on myself.


Step 1 was waaaaaaay too easy but this next one isn't much more difficult than that. You are going to move the crease outward by pulling the backside of the fold toward the outside. Like this. Then pin it in place.


Repeat this process on the other side. Like so.

You can see in this picture how the shirt gained a couple of inches, which is good, unlike gaining a couple of inches from eating too much yummy Canadian candy. Although it's hard to pass up Fuzzy Peaches and Swedish Berries. Those couple of inches raise the neckline significantly. Notice in the picture how the fold lines of the front are now arched starting at the shoulder and working slowly back into the waist. The original crease is a straight line which creates a lower neckline. By arching the fold line the blouse will fall more naturally around the bust line.


Iron the new fold line in place. I used spray starch to help get rid of the old fold line and secure the new fold line. Plus this shirt is about 296 % Cotton and needed some extra help with the wrinkles. Someone needs to come up with a spray starch for my facial wrinkles.

I love the new crisp fold line, and you can also see in this picture how it is more arched that straight.

And that is all there is to it. I love that I don't need an undershirt or a safety pin at the cross point of the neckline and that it really is the cutest blouse!

Now you can order yours too and fix it up in a snap! And, that's a wrap!!

#WrapFrontBlouse #AlterNeckline

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