2 Scarves + 2 Hours = 2 CUTE!!

I have a confession. Ok, so it's not really a big deal but I have a weakness for fabric. There, now that's out I feel much better. With that comes a weird sort of talent I've discovered and rather than seeing a finished product, I see the fabric. I often see the possibilities of what else that product could be. For instance, I spotted these scarves and couldn't get past the possibilities of such a fabulous fabric.

Within a minute of examining the details of the fabric and the tassled ends, I bought two of them with the intentions of making a sweater.

I had never done this before but I figured it was worth the attempt and I'm so glad I just threw caution to the wind and went for it! The sweater turned out so cute and it is just as cozy as I hoped it would be.

Scarves are on major clearance right now in many stores so now is a great time for this project and I can walk you through what I did.

The first thing I did was cut out the non fuzzy parts of the scarves and sewed the fuzzy parts back together, with the right sides together. This is what it looks like on the underside. (You can omit this step, I only did it because of the final look I was going for)

And this is the outside with only the fuzzy parts left.

The next thing I did was cut the scarf in half from side to side so that I ended up with tassels at each end. I did this to both scarves so that I ended up with four equal pieces that would soon become the front, back, and two sleeve pieces.

I then sewed two of the pieces with the right sides together at each side, with the tassels hanging down, leaving about 6 inches near the top for the arm openings. I then sewed from the top outside corner toward the inside also about 6 inches, on both the left and the right side, leaving an opening at the top which became the neck opening for the sweater. (These measurements are guesstimates, you would need to figure out how much of an opening you want for you.) This next picture is what the two pieces look like once they are sewn together and turned right side out.

The sweater was pretty boxy at this point and I decided to leave it like that but ended up having to make some adjustments later so I recommend cutting a bit of shape through the shoulders/arms either right when you have cut out your four pieces or you can adjust it at this point.

I used a sleeve pattern for the other two pieces of the scarf so that I would have some shaping to the sweater. I wanted the tassels to hit right around my wrist so I lined up the bottom of my sleeve pattern piece with the end of the fuzzy part, not the end of the tassels. I sewed up the sleeves then inserted them into the bodice and that project was done!!

I wore this to church one day and one of the little three year old's kept cuddling up to me and stroking the sweater. Yes, It really is like wearing the softest blanket. Even a three year old can tell you that!

Here is the final product which is great for a casual look,

or a little bit more dressed up look.

#JCPenney #ScarfSweater

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