Is Buying A Wedding Dress From China Worth the Risk?

Did you or anyone you know get engaged on Valentine's Day?

This is the time of year when a lot of weddings are being planned for the Spring and the excitement is proclaimed through Bridal Shows dotting the country like confetti. Wedding planning is great for some people as it gives them an opportunity to put their creative juices to work, but for others, it is the makings for added stress, anxiety, testing of patience and the draining of bank accounts. Girls dream of their wedding day for years and often those visions, especially with the help of the internet, can be greater than the budget allows. I'd like to offer one tip that helped our family stay within a set wedding budget for our daughter's wedding -- it is where we bought her dress online! And yes, it came directly from China!

I know a lot of people cringe when they think of buying from China but I know of some reputable companies (DH Gate and JJ's House, Amazon) and I personally love China! I have been to China 7 times and have grown to love the country and the people there more with each visit. Chinese people are warm, hospitable, intelligent, innovative, hard-working, and exceptionally gifted for making knock-offs, so for me to buy from China wasn't too big of a concern. I love the Chinese!! And they love their weddings! We happened upon a photo shoot one day we were hiking through a gorge and snapped these pics.

Such a beautiful couple!

When my daughter announced her engagement, one of the first things we did was, of course, go wedding dress shopping. Yes, I do sew but I don't do wedding dresses, AND, I wanted to be the mom and not the seamstress for this bride to be. We found a dress that my daughter was completely in love with right away and I was ready to buy it for her but she wanted to sleep on it for a few days. In the meantime, I took to the internet to see what options we had. I know that buying a wedding gown online is risky but I at least wanted to see what my options were. I looked on AMAZON and did a quick search for wedding dresses and there were TONS of wedding dresses. After refining my search a bit, I found a link through AMAZON to find what I can only explain as a miracle! I saw the 99.098456980987658713476 % EXACT match to her dream dress for about one fourth of the price!!

Here is the dress my daughter loved (Sorry for the blurry image from my phone)

And here's the miracle dress from AMAZON. *(Alian Weddings is not on Amazon as I write this, but MILANO BRIDE is carrying this dress, so I would suggest looking there for a wedding dress)

So what's a mom to do at this point? Read all of the reviews? Check. Stew over the fact that this could be a total disaster? Check. Help herself to more sugary snacks than she needs? Check. I finally decided that I could take a $200 chance and that I could probably fix any issues that the dress may come with. This is, after all, something that I have been doing for others for years. But, did I mention that my daughter was only engaged for 2 months? AND that I was going to be gone for 4 different weeks during that time? Ya, I reeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllly did NOT want to have to spend my spare time fixing a dress but I still took the gamble and ordered it. I figured that Amazon was reliable enough to represent reputable companies and that I could return the dress if necessary.

Buying through AMAZON was a really positive experience. We carefully took all of my daughters measurements and entered them into the order form and then we waited...but not for long!

The dress arrived EARLIER than expected and the fit was PERFECT!! I could not have been a happier mother of the bride and my daughter could not love her dress more. I didn't have to make any adjustments at all, and what did we do with the money we saved? We got the photographer that my daughter wanted and I could not have been happier with Michelle. She was so professional, yet fun and playful. She was also incredibly organized and knew how to perform serious crowd control. We were done with pictures after the ceremony in no time and then she captured every detail from the reception. There were times when I thought "Oh I wish we would have taken a picture of that" only to find that she was five hundred steps ahead of me and had covered everything! You need to check out her work at as well as the ones she took for my daughter's wedding.

This couple are perfect together and I totally scored in the Son-In-Law category!!

I give AMAZON and 5 stars each!!

I would definitely order through AMAZON again! Watch for an upcoming post where I will show you how to properly measure your figure for ordering on-line! Measuring properly greatly contributes to a more positive buying experience. Be sure to stay tuned for that!!

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