Copper Bottom, Palazzo Pant DIY

The fall colors In Utah are magnificent this time of year. I love living at the foot of the mountains so that I can watch the colors begin turning in early September near the tops of the mountains, and cascade their way down over the course of a couple of months until they have fully saturated the valley. It's truly beautiful!

This time of year also means a tricky time for choosing what to wear because it is cool in the mornings and so very warm by the afternoon. One part of me wants to prolong summer while another part wants to bring out the sweaters. Layers are the best defense for this dilemma.

In keeping with the feeling of the fall colors, I purchased some copper colored linen fabric from Joann and made these super easy palazzo pants.

I also bought this cute plaid fabric at Joann which I made into a simple scarf by cutting a rectangular piece of fabric and wrapping it around my neck! Too simple.

Here's how to make the pants.


You'll need 2 yds of fabric and a pants pattern. I used a pattern for pajama bottoms with an elastic waist which is one of the easiest things on the planet to sew.


Make the pants according to pattern directions. I added a couple of extra inches to the length so I would have a nice thick hem. This gives a little added weight at the bottom and helps the pants hang nicely.


Make a super long tie to wrap around your waist. Like this

This adds an element of cute and keeps them from looking too much like pajamas, even though they are just that comfortable.

And that's it! I wore this with a plain white t-shirt, a denim jacket, booties, and a scarf. Perfect layering for the Fall!!

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