How to Wear Cheetah Print, Part 1

I LOVE cheetah print, and I have for many, many years. I really ought to share pictures with you of all the different clothing articles that I own that are cheetah print, but for today I'm sharing my latest addition to the jungle. I am so excited that this print is very popular this fall because it's perfect for this time of year, and it can be dressed up or down. I just scored these dress pants from JC Penney for $10!! Yes, $10. They were on sale for $20 and I had a $10 off coupon so I ran in at cheetah speed and grabbed a pair before anyone else could. Whew! They are super comfy and oh, so cute!!!

I paired the pants with this cute blouse, also for $20 at JC Penney. Check out the great detailing in the puffy sleeves. And those earrings!! I found those at Icing for $5. I love bargains!

I added a great pair of ankle boots to the ensemble and now I'm ready to roar!!

Stay tuned for more in my ongoing series of How to Wear Cheetah Print!!

#JCPenney #Puffysleeves #CheetahPrint

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