May Flowers, DIY Dress

May is one of my favorite months for a few reasons. It's really starting to warm up, we celebrate Mother's, and it's my B-day month. May seems to represent fresh flowers, longer hours of sunlight, playing outside, and the beginning of bar-b-q's, picnics, swimming and travel season.

A great deal of my sewing time has been dedicated to doing alterations for other people or home decor, but when I saw this fabric at Joann, I HAD to have it!! It seemed to represent everything I love about the month of May, and I decided to create something for myself. This fabric also comes in a bright pink, black, and ivory.

I pictured in my mind something flowy and airy, and that felt like the month of May.

I love how the dress turned out and it really was super easy. It looks a little more complicated because of the flowers but the fabric comes with the flowers already on it. It remains one of my favorite projects and I get compliments on it ALL THE TIME!

This is the perfect dress for the spring/summer and would be a great Mother of the Bride dress. I wore it when I was Aunt of the Groom. Close enough!

Here are the directions.


Choose a simple A-line dress pattern to work with and make sure you have about 3 yds of this fabric, and 2.5 yds of a lining fabric. The flowered fabric is sheer.


Cut out the pattern in the floral fabric AND again in a lining fabric.

*For the SLEEVES on the top layer, I created a bit of an A-line with the pattern piece so that the sleeves would flare out. I then lined up the bottom of the pattern piece so that it would come to the middle of the two rows of flowers. I only wanted one row of flowers at the wrist so I cut around each flower, then sealed the ends with some Fray Check so they wouldn't unravel. I knew this would be a whole lot easier than trying to hem all of the curves.

I also cut the sleeve lining fabric to be a cap sleeve because I wanted the sleeves to be sheer and flowy.

For the HEM of the dress, I lined up the bottom of the pattern piece with the edge of the fabric which ended just a couple of inches below the two rows of flowers. This made it super easy to do a small rolled hem on.


Sew the LINING pieces together at the shoulder seams, side seams, and hem. Leave the back open. Also, leave the neck edge unfinished. Attach the sleeves and finish the edge of the sleeve.


Repeat these steps for the top layer of the dress. Again, leave the back center seam open and the neck edge unfinished.


You should now have the basics of the two layers of the dress. Place the lining dress inside of the top dress, with the right side of each dress facing outward.


Using a basting stitch, sew the lining and top fabric together at both the left side and right side of the back center seam. Baste the two layers together around the neck edge also.


Insert a zipper in the center back, making sure that each layer of fabric is included, and finish sewing the back center seam together.


For the neck I did a very small rolled seam toward the inside. And that is it. It really was very simple but looks fancy and fun! Kind of like me and my hubby.

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