Poppy? Yes, Please!

I am so excited that Poppy Red is having a strong presence in fashion this fall. This is one of my favorite colors! While I was in China this past spring I snagged a couple of red bags at the market, then found some great red strappy sandals at H&M back in the US, which I knew would be fun to saturate my recently purchased red dress from JC Penney with.

Before I could wear the dress I needed to do a couple of modest alterations because the original dress came without lining behind some of the lace inserts.

Here is what the shoulders, front, and back yoke looked like BEFORE

And this is a view of the mid thigh area of the skirt

This dress is made from a really great scuba knit that really moves with you so I knew I needed a knit fabric to put behind the lace. I headed to Joann Fabrics to find some matching knit fabric but was quickly reminded that not all reds are created equal. I had no luck there so I headed over to the local thrift store and found a tank top in the exact color for $2!!

The lace at the waist was already lined so I just needed to match that at the top and the skirt. Here is what I did, and so can you!


Put the dress on inside out. If you don't have a dress form, you'll need a helper for this step. Friend, mother, sister, spouse etc. Lay the fabric over the area you need to cover and start pinning it in place. Since I have a dress form I just poked (stabbed) the pins straight in. I don't recommend this same technique on a human. This a sure fire way of losing all trust in your helper!


Once you have the fabric covering the area you want to line, trace the outer edge of the area with a fabric marker. Mine is a white pencil that you can almost see in this picture!


Take out the pins and graciously thank your helper for not using you as a human pin cushion. Perhaps the two of you could even have lunch together another time, sans straight pins. Cut out your new pattern piece you have created.


Turn your clothing right side out and pin your newly created lining piece on the inside of the garment, with the pins on the outside of the fabric. This is very important for the next step.


This is where I really like to use my blind hem machine foot

The piece that is right in the middle of the foot is perfectly aligned to where the needle will go into your fabric.

Line that middle guide right up to where you want your stitches to go and it will lead you to create incredibly straight stitching lines. Stitch around the entire area where the lace meets the other fabric, and around the neck area. This is why you need to pin on the outside and work from here. It is so you can see where you are going and your stitching is nice and straight on the outside of your garment.


Trim the excess fabric off of the inside of the garment, about 1/4 inch from where you just stitched, and you are done!!! Congratulations!!

I repeated the process for the sleeves and the skirt on this project and I absolutely love this dress! It's so easy to throw on and quickly dress up with a great pair of shoes, a fun bag, and simple jewelry!


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