The Un-knit Knit Sweater-DIY

So what do you do when the weather starts turning cold and you just want to stay inside? You make a sweater, of course!

Actually, I've never made a sweater before, but instead of learning how to knit, I bought this sweater fabric at Joann Fabrics and decided to try my hand at a chunky, over-sized, yummy, turtleneck sweater. It turned out great and was SO EASY!!! Do you want to make one now? Well, maybe you'll want to after I tell you how simple this is.


Grab 1.5 yds sweater knit fabric and your favorite long sleeve pattern.

My fabric is this ultra soft sweater knit and is so easy to work with.


Lay the bodice front, bodice back and sleeve pieces on your fabric and add about and inch all the way around each piece which will make the sweater a little roomier. Also add an extra 2 inches to the length of the sleeve. Now you can cut them out.


Stitch the front and back together at the shoulder seams, then again at the side seams.


Sew each sleeve and add it to the bodice. Turn the hem of the sleeve toward the inside of the sleeve 2 inches. The wrong sides of the fabric should be together. Top stitch around the edge of the fabric just a little short of 2 inches from the edge. I used a zigzag stitch and it blended right into the fabric so I ended up with a nice wide hem.


Now you're going to cut out the neck piece. For the length of the neck piece, measure how tall you want the neck to stand from the collar area and multiply that measurement x4. I wanted my neck piece to come up about 3 inches from the neck edge so I cut a piece of fabric that was 12 inches long. For the width, first measure around the neck opening, then take that measurement and add about 1/2 inch. This is how wide to cut your neck piece. You should now have a rectangle piece of fabric.


It's time to make a turtleneck! With the right sides together, stitch the two long sides of the neck edges together. You should have a long tube. Fold the tube in half so that the wrong sides of the fabric are touching and line up the edges. Now line up the neck edge to the edge of the bodice neck with the right sides together, and the neck seam at the center back. Pin in place, then zigzag stitch the neck and bodice together. You will now have a long tube neck that will most likely come up to your mouth. Fold the neck in half and the top of the neck should hit you right under your chin. Now you have the perfect turtle neck.


Finish the hem of the sweater by turning the edge under, toward the inside, to your desired length. Zigzag stitch again around the hem and you are all done!!!

Compliment the sweater with your favorite jeans, and boots and you have the perfect casual winter outfit.

Are you ready to make one now?


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