Traffic Stopper, DIY Jumper

I have affectionately called this pinstripe jumper Traffic Stopper, because EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear it, somebody stops me to ask where I got it. When I tell them I made it, I usually have to help them scoop their jaws off of the floor, or ground, which was the situation this past weekend. I wore this jumper to Swiss Days in Midway, Utah which is a Mecca for local crafters and artisans to sell their goods at an outdoor fair. It is held every Labor Day weekend and it attracts thousands of visitors, mostly women, from all over Utah. It is the quintessential girls day out. This was the first year I have been able to go with both of my girls and we also added my granddaughter to what we hope can become a new annual tradition.

At one point we were crossing a crowded street and I had a lady practically chase me down, insisting that I tell her where I got my jumper. I explained to this sweet inquiring passer-by that I had made this jumper, all while trying to get us both off the road before we had the chance to get hit by a car. Gratefully, we established a safer location to finish our discussion and I left for home that day with a bit more confidence in my design abilities. As for my new friend, she did not leave with a jumper like mine, but, I have included some directions for her, and for you, to make your very own traffic stopping jumper!


Use any TOP pattern and any elastic waist PANTS pattern (think, p.j. bottoms here) you would like, and make them according to directions on the pattern EXCEPT, do not hem the shirt and do not finish the waist.


Pin the bottom of the shirt to the top of the pants, with the right sides together and sew them together.

STEP 3 (Optional, but recommended)

You can omit this step if you'd rather cinch the waist in with the tie or a belt but I recommend putting in elastic. I attached the elastic right at the waist seam, on the inside of the jumper, using a zigzag stitch.


Make a super long tie to wrap around your waist and tie it in the front. Mine is a few inches wide, and is tacked down at the center front to hold it in place. I also added a couple of belt loops in the back to hold the tie in place. You can also see that I added a zipper in the back for my entry point into the jumper.

The only regret I have with this outfit is that I didn't make it earlier in the year so I could have enjoyed it more during the spring and summer. It is the perfect outfit for HANGING out in,

enjoying an afternoon visit to the lake,

OR, stopping traffic in!!!!!

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