The Short of the Long

SPOILER ALERT! I don't always add fabric to clothing. Sometimes I remove it. Gasp!

Sometimes you just get an article of clothing that you would really love if only one part was changed. This was the case for my daughter and this shirt.

She wasn't entirely in love with the length of the sleeves but wanted to keep the contrasting fabric trim so I cut that part right off, then cut about six inches off the sleeve and reattached the trim piece.

Such an easy fix to turn a so-so shirt into an absolutely yes shirt that she loves to wear now.

Here is another shirt that was just so-so for her. It originally had gathered sleeves which were not this girl's style at all but she loved the neck line. I cut the sleeves a bit shorter which eliminated the gathers, then did a small rolled hem on each layer. Now she has something that reflects her style a bit more and is taking a meaningful spot in her closet.

Such a cutie!!


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