Short Dress to Bell Sleeve Blouse

I snagged this dress on a clearance rack for $10 a few years ago at JC Penney and I was sure I could add the needed length to it but after months of searching for the right fabric, I gave up and stashed it away. This Spring I pulled it out and had another vision for this beauty. A bell sleeve shirt!! Of course!

This is the original dress although it did have a 3/4 length sleeve when I bought it. I simply failed to take pictures of it before I removed the sleeve.



I removed the sleeve because I wanted to line the cap of the sleeve for a little more coverage. I cut the dress off to the length I wanted for the top.

I then used the cut off lining to create a cap sleeve which I made and added it back into the top with the original lace sleeve over top.

After that I separated the front and back sections of the dress I had cut off which had this nice lace trim at the hem.

I gathered the front section of the dress to fit around one sleeve, then I did the same from the back section and attached it to the other sleeve and created a bell sleeve top

This is the finished product

I love dressing it up with some jeans and a fun pair of floral shoes, which I got from JC Penney as well for under $20!! I love a bargain and a cute Spring outfit!

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