White Lace Love!

I must have walked by this dress in JC Penney a dozen times, stopping briefly each time to see if by chance they restocked it in my size! I was so in love with it and I knew that I could make the needed adjustments to it, but I just wasn't feeling up to it until one day it was on sale, I had a coupon, and the final price was over 60% off the original, so I snatched it up. How could I resist?

This is what I brought home...

Not only was the dress too big, it needed some lining around the shoulders, and I wanted the lining at the bottom of the skirt to come to the end of the lace so that it wouldn't ride too high when I sat down.

I confess that when I get an idea in my mind of how I want to make something, I often just jump right into it and I try to find the path of least resistance. In this case, I decided it would be easier to recreate the entire lining rather than add to what was there, so I tore into that lining with a pair of scissors and cut the whole thing out.

Here it is without any lining...

Having the lining gone made it so easy to fit. I just put the dress on inside out, had my daughter help me pin where the dress needed to be taken in, then I stitched the new side seams and trimmed the excess fabric off. That part of the dress was done.

Next, I needed to create a lining and it was soooooo simple and inexpensive. As a bonus, I can wear it with other dresses!!

Here's how you how you can make one too.


Start with about 1.5 yards of knit fabric. Fold it in half lengthwise and lay it on a flat surface.


Grab a t-shirt and a skirt that you like the fit of, and place them on the fabric like this. I'll explain the pins in a moment

A couple of things you want to make sure of here are that the waist lines of both the top and the skirt line up, and you also want to double check that the stretch of the fabric you will be cutting out goes ACROSS your body. This allows the slip to comfortably wrap around your curves. If the stretch runs up and down rather from side to side, you will have to SQUEEZE your way into your slip, and it will droop! I promise this is not attractive! At all.


OK, now I'll explain the pins. Instead of using my white fabric marker on white fabric, (call me crazy, I know!) I used the pins to create an outline for my slip. If I had another colored fabric marker I would have used that instead of pins, so don't let this picture throw you off. I went out about 1/2 inch or so around the whole shape of my top and skirt, and placed the pins. This created a seam allowance. I then cut out the shape along the pin line. This gave me a front piece and a back piece which were identical. I then pinned the two pieces with the right sides together at the shoulder seams and the side seams and sewed 1/2 in from the edge. If you want to trim seams at this point, trim off about1/4 inch.

*Be sure to use a stretch stitch on your sewing machine for all of your seams when sewing with knits. A zigzag stitch is just fine, or you can use a serger, or a double needle. If you use a straight stitch when working with knits the seams may POP when you move because there is no give in the seam when you move. The sound of a POPPING thread is a little unnerving. Oh, how I wish I did not know that! Stretch stitches are created to avoid this.


This next step is optional. Because you are working with a knit and will be wearing it underneath the dress you may or may not want to finish the edges at the neck and sleeves. Knits generally don't unravel but they do tend to roll on an unfinished edge. I suggest finishing the seams but if you really are not feeling up to it and would rather take a nap, it's not a huge deal. Everybody needs a good nap once in a while. If you do decide to go ahead and finish the edges of the neck and sleeve, fold the fabric over 1/4 inch toward the inside of the slip and use your chosen stretch stitch. Repeat the same process on the hem if needed. I left the hem of my slip unfinished because the knit I used had a nice clean cut to it and it did not roll.

Now I just put the slip on, then add the dress over top and I'm good to go!

I love how the slip still allows for the gorgeous detailing of the lace to show through. And this neckline though?? Oh, my!

And how about those red shoes again?

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