• I am passionate about being a wife, mother and grandma!

  • I believe in the power of creating. 

  • I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada.

  • I am the middle of 7 children.

  • I married my very own Superman 11 weeks after we met on a blind date. Yes, 11 weeks!

  • I have a weakness for potato chips. And french fries. And hashbrowns. Aaaaand tator tots.

  • I graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU) with a degree in Home and Family Living at age 46.

  • I was a competitive gymnast, dancer, and cheerleader in my younger days.

  • I stink at most other sports.  There's just something about a ball coming at me.

  • I think I’m hilarious.

  • I’ve visited 5 of the 6 populated continents, including 7 trips to China.

  • My favorite cities are Hong Kong, China and Delft, Netherlands.

  • Tokyo Disney is the only Disney park I have not been to.  

  • I fall asleep ridiculously easy.

  • I love Sunday dinner, especially when the whole family is there.  

  • I love lakes, oceans, and the beach.

  • I live in the mountains. I love those too.

  • I was Ms. Texas 2003 and  Ms. United Nation US 2003.